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30 January 2008 @ 07:35 pm
Teen Titans: Raven/Nightwing: "Raven’s Addictive Kiss"  
Title: Raven’s Addictive Kiss
Fandom: Teen Titans (comics)
Pairings: Raven/Nightwing
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: AU. Spoilers for the issue The New Teen Titans #37.
Summary: Even after all the years, Nightwing still remembers the kiss they shared.
Notes: This story came to me with a surprise… I really had no plan for it. I went on Microsoft Word and stared at the blank screen, decided on a Nightwing/Raven story and typed… and typed. I continued to type until I was finished. I kind of like it, lol.

Wondering how far she was from this city of Bludhaven was killing him. Who would have thought that he would fall for her? Even when his heart had belonged to Starfire, she had always been in there in his heart. Waiting, caring, loving… To him, it was difficult to know why he had fallen in love with her. All he knew was that he had fallen in love with her… and this time her powers didn’t intentionally make him fall for her. He has to admit though; his love for her had been there before any of that had happened. And after it was all done and gone, he felt hurt that he couldn’t kiss her anymore.

Her kiss was different then Kory’s, Bab’s, or anyone else he had dated… Her kiss was like a rose; beautiful, passionate, forbidden, mysterious, and so on. Her lips were like poisonous just waiting stuck all the life out of you and fill you with warmth and love. The feeling, the taste, that unbelieving feeling of her red lips on mine never left my thoughts… even after years, I could still taste her lips, feel her lips brushing against mine.

How could one kiss do this to a man? He had no clue… he just knew no other kiss could feel as it had felt. He couldn’t come up with words of what that kiss had felt like, but he always thought they weren’t worth the kiss at all. Hard to think of any, even when he looked up words in the dictionary… so he had to give the words simple words. Words that were only half of what it actually felt like. Maybe not even half of how great it actually was.

Once again he wondered how far she was… if she was still with the new Teen Titans, or if she had left to some other city. He wished he could go to her and kiss her once again… but how could he? He didn’t know if she even felt that way about him anymore. Or if she actually ever did. And it certainly didn’t help that Kory was there, and would probably never let him go.

Glancing over Bludhaven’s clock tower, he noticed a raven flying towards him. Memories of when they first kissed flashed throughout his mind as he turned away. It couldn’t be her… it never was. Barely able to contain the sadness from his masked face as Nightwing, he glanced down at the empty street before the clock tower.

A moment of silence passed when suddenly he felt a small gust of wind flow through his hair behind him. Quickly turning around, he never expected to see the woman that stood there. He had always imagined her coming, but he knew it never would happen… but as he stood there, joy and excitement overcame him. Taking in her new look, he watched her. She was completely silent… with only a smile illuminating up her whole face.

She was like he remembered; beautiful, dark, mysterious, and simply addictive.

She stood there in her old dark blue cloak and leotard.

She was a Raven of Beauty…

- My Raven.