Stephanie (flareonfury) wrote in harpiewriting,

Thor/The Avengers: Darcy/Steve: "Anticipation"

Title: Anticipation
Fandom: Thor/The Avengers
Pairings: Darcy/Steve
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Both films
Summary: She’s not sure if she did a good thing or not...
Notes: Written for avengers100 prompt #3 anticipation.

She’s not sure if she did a good thing or not - getting dressed up to match styles that he was probably more familiar with in the 1940s. She did it because the dress just called out to her, and she wanted to make him as comfortable as possible because he hated these kinds of parties (and only went because they were for good causes and he was too polite to say no). And this was technically their first ‘date’, so she might have over thought it too much and now completely ruined the evening because he isn’t saying anything. He’s just staring at her.

It makes her nervous, because she knows he likes her – otherwise he wouldn’t have agreed to be her date, but maybe she had offended him or something by dressing like this? And when she’s nervous, she tends to start rambling, which happens before he could say anything – if he was even going to.

“I could change if this doesn’t work for you… I mean Pepper and Jane made me buy tons of dresses so I can go back up and change if you don’t like this-” She doesn’t even notice that he’s moved closer to her until his finger brushes against her ruby lips to shut her up. She stares up into his eyes because she’s short and the serum made him a giant compared to her, but in a comforting sort of way. Darcy wants to question his actions but as she looks into his eyes she can see the heat in them. It warms her to her core and pushes any doubts she had out of her mind.

“You look stunning, Darcy.” She notices immediately that he’s starting blushing, because he realizes how close he was to her. Hell, even she was blushing.

Tags: -2013, -rated pg, mcu, mcu: darcy, mcu: steve

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