Stephanie (flareonfury) wrote in harpiewriting,

Earth 2: Devon/John: "Off Balance"

Title: Off Balance
Fandom: Earth 2
Pairings: Devon/John
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: Episode "All About Eve"
Summary: The group's balance tipped...
Notes: Written for tv_100 prompt balance. Just recently finished watching the series for what I believe is the first time, but I have a feeling I've watched it before (My dad knows the show, so I'm assuming he watched it when it was on and thus why I get the familiar feelings), and I can't BELIEVE they cancelled this show! Bastards. Anyway Devon/Danziger is definitely my OTP and I just had to write this. This definitely won't be my last fic for this fandom.

Since Devon Adair’s unknown illness, the group hasn’t been the same since. The balance that had tipped so often but usually the balance righted itself soon after, however it seemed to have tipped too far this time. John Danziger tried to keep his promise to Devon, but all it seemed to do was cause more chaos. Half the group thought it would be better to continue their way to New Pacifica and leaving her alone in the old ship in cold sleep while the other half including himself, her son, True, Yale, Alonzo, Bess, and Julia wanted to stay near bye in case anything should happen or Julia discovered how to heal Devon.

He couldn’t give up hope that Julia would be able to help Devon… and if he was truthful with himself, he knew it wasn’t just for the goodness of the group or for Uly, but for himself. He needed her… and he felt off balance without her. He just didn’t feel right without having her there giving him orders or arguing with him.
Tags: -2009, -rated g, earth 2, earth 2: devon, earth 2: devon/john, earth 2: john
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