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Heroes/X-Men: Elle/Cyclops: "Elle's Playtime with an X-Men"

Title: Elle's Playtime with an X-Men
Fandoms: Heroes and X-Men (any?)
Pairings: Cyclops/Elle
Rating: R
Warnings/Spoilers: S2ish of Heroes. AUish. Violence/Torture. Adult Content.
Summary: Just what the title says... seriously.
Notes: Written for my 40 Days of Drabbles for the prompt Elle/Scott. Also written for 100_tales prompt blue and fivebyfiction prompt enemies. Unsure if this would be considered R or just a high level of PG-13.. so on the safe side I put it as R.
[ ...Multi-Fandom Table... ] [ ...Heroes/X-Men Table... ]

“Do you hate me, Mr. Summers?” Elle whispered, trailing her fingers against his bare chest, electricity zapping him with each touch.

Scott Summers, known to most of his friends as Cyclops, grinded his teeth at the pain. Elle chuckled softly.

“Come on, you can answer honestly. I love it when you’re truthful. It’s very touching.”

“Fuck you,” He bit out to her, causing her to laugh as she zapped him with a lot more electricity and made him scream out in pain. She loved this part.

“Gotta say, Mr. Summers… I didn’t think you had it in you. I’ve heard you’re one tight ass that hasn’t had a curse word in front of anyone.”

“You don’t know shit about me.” Elle smiled, before moving just enough so she was exactly above his erection. Even with her electricity zapping at him, apparently the sight of her naked managed to make him ready for her.

“Oh, I think I know a lot more than you think, Cyclops.” Elle whispered against his lips, before plunging down on him. She let out a loud moan at the feel of him inside her. She loved this part to… she could practically feel his strength every time she moved – it was amazing.

Scott bit his lips to keep from moaning. This would be a hell of a lot easier not to enjoy if she didn’t do that every time she came to ‘play’ with him.

Elle grinned as she captured his lips into a kiss, letting a few blue and white sparks zapped his lips to open them

“I know everything about you, Scott.”

Tags: -2009, -rated r, heroes, heroes: crossover, heroes: elle, x-men, x-men: crossover, x-men: cyclops
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