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Heroes/X-Men: Claire/Scott: "Me & My Big Mouth"

Title: Me & My Big Mouth
Fandom: Heroes and X-Men
Pairings: (implied) Claire/Scott
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Language. Crackyish?
Summary: She told him she didn't need protecting... damn her big mouth.
Notes: Written for fivebyfiction prompt Juggernaut and also written for my "Summer of Blues & Love" Drabble-A-Thon prompt Claire/Cyclops - "I don't need protecting". This turned out kind crackish... heh. I have no idea what possesed me to write this, but well, it wanted to be written.
[ ...Table... ]

Claire's POV

Oh why in the hell did I say I was ready for this mission? And then go off on my own when he refused to allow me to come?

That’s right… they forgot to mention that he was like seven feet tall and full of armor. And looked to be on A LOT of steroids (she could just picture his little guy… really really little).

I could heal, but that doesn’t mean I could beat this guy.

Damn it…

I hated when Scott was right.

“Call me Juggernaut, bitch!”

“I’m not a bitch turd!”

Note to self: I really need some lessons in taunting the enemy.

“I’m gonna crush you like a bug blonde! See if you can heal from that!”

Oh I could… but it’s definitely NOT pleasant, and not something I want to experience… EVER again.


Scott! Oh god, he’s going to get crushed! What the hell is he thinking?!?

Scott actually uses his powers to keep Juggernaut and I apart thankfully, and then Juggernaut’s attention was focused solely on him. Which was good for me… because if Scott was here so was the Professor. And that meant, it’s my job to get the guy’s helmet off of his head so the Professor could stop him.

Wish me luck on completing that.

On second thought, wish me luck with the conversation with Scott later tonight.

Tags: -2009, -rated pg13, heroes, heroes: claire, heroes: crossover, x-men, x-men: crossover, x-men: cyclops, x-men: juggernaut, x-men: prof. x
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