Stephanie (flareonfury) wrote in harpiewriting,

BTVS/Smallville: Oz/Chloe: "Heat"

Title: Heat
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville
Pairings: Chloe/Oz
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Language. Wolf Mating Concept.
Summary: Chloe Sullivan found it very difficult to control herself around men...
Notes: Written for comment_fic prompt heat (as in mating). Also written for crossovers50 prompt Moon. This is kinda sucky but I was kinda rushed so forgive me.
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Usually whenever she had began to go into heat after she had been bitten by a real werewolf, Chloe Sullivan found it very difficult to control herself around men – if it hadn’t been for Clark’s strength, she probably would have had torn in half most of the men as she tried to get them to fuck her. Afterwards she felt disgusted with herself – she wasn’t a slut and she wasn’t like Lois or any other woman that went out to just go and “have her way with men” with complete strangers. She didn’t use to usually want to fuck complete strangers (for the most part – she did have fantasies of course). She both hated it but deep down she knew it kind of thrilled her (she blames it on her wolf).

However that all changed when she met Daniel “Oz” Osbourne, the moment they had passed each other on the street - nearly a week before a full moon – she instantly knew what he was just as he did her. He’d been a werewolf longer than she had been so he had a lot more answers for her than anyone or anything she’d ever been able to find after her attack. And to her surprise, her wolf was suddenly settled and she woke up from the full moon with literally no injuries inflicted upon herself. It wasn’t until the next month when she knew she would go into heat that she really noticed the difference between the wolf since Oz had come into her life. Her wolf literally only went crazy around him, every part of her body was screaming for him… and so did his apparently because before she knew what was happening – their clothes were torn to pieces beneath them and they were kissing.

And as he entered her that first time, she felt something different, as if she finally felt whole since the first time she became a werewolf. After that she didn’t feel inclined to go after random strangers or feel herself attracted to anyone besides Oz. And after the first time, they were rarely left her apartment over the Talon whenever she was in heat. They realized soon after the first week that they might have mated, and when Oz contacted a few of his werewolf friends they clued him in that they right in thinking that.

Neither Chloe or Oz minded one bit, though.

Tags: -2009, -rated pg13, btvs/ats, btvs/ats: crossover, btvs/ats: oz, smallville, smallville: chloe, smallville: crossover

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